Sunday, June 16, 2013

Black, pearls and denim on denim

A quick comfortable Sunday outfit to run to the stores.

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Details : Jeans : Woolworths  Knit : Legit

One of the furry little criminals, namely Marshy ... with the look she gave me in the previous photo, I simply had to grab her up and take a picture with her.  She's a rather unaffectionate kitty, but we do love her all the same.

Schatz and I dropped the troupe off at their Gran for a visit and headed on out to buy new cat litter trays and a baby bath for baby Joshua.  We ended up getting him quite a bit more than a bath.  When we called Felicia, she said she was starving, so we headed to the hospital with food.  While Graeme was dropping off, they said she's be able to leave soon - it ended up being almost 4 hours later, but the little sweetie is snuggled up safe and sound in his home with his Gogo staying with for the night.

Hope your Sunday was great.


  1. You look great....who says you can't wear denim on denim?

  2. Cute! I like how the black sweater breaks up the denim .. it hardly looks like denim on denim.

    Adorable fluffy kitty! I can't have a cat, spouse is allergic :-(


  3. Nice outfit and I love the photo with Marshy.


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