Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A black dress and a tie front shirt

In my continuing attempts at getting more wear out of my wardrobe and trying new items together, this is what I put together today. 

I love this dress, however, its so low cut in front and I've battled with that since I bought it.  I've tried wearing a cami underneath, I've tried closing it with a brooch and a safety pin, then I tried these little nylon goodies that clipped on your bra and cover up the gals -  however, I found that they would creep up, stick to my skin with static and simply was not working.  Sigh!

Today I tried it with a statement necklace first, then with a little lace bra but still too much of the gals was showing, so I then decided to try it with this shirt.  It worked the best so far.

Dress : Truworths
Shirt : Edgars
Necklace : The Silver Copany
Shoes : Shoecity
Handbag : Gift a few years back from my daughter Taryn

Hope your day was fabulous friends and I do hope you're finding more ways to what you already have.


  1. That looks really nice on you Wends. I would have liked to see it with the statement necklace.

  2. So stylish!

    Kisses darling
    Alicia & Sofía

  3. A fantastic look, I love the dress and blouse.

  4. Lovely, and smart! I forget sometimes that I can wear tops over my dresses too.


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