Saturday, May 21, 2011

A lifetime "must read" books list by

I got this list off of John Maxwells site earlier this year and keep misplacing, so I've decided to put it up here so I can find it.

Spiritual Life
  1. Celebration of Discipline - Richard Foster
  2. Walking with Christ in the Details of Life - Patrick Morely
  3. The Applause of Heaven - Max Lucado
  4. Screw Tape Letter - C.S. Lewis
  5. The Road Less Travelled - Scott M. Peck
  6. Broken in the Right place - Alan Nelson
  7. Practice the Presence of God - Brother Lawrence
  8. The Pursuit of Holiness - Jerry Bridges
  9. Life Signs - Henri Nouwen
  10. Too Busy not to pray - Bill Hybels
  1. The Bible
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Leadership - Donald T. Phillips
  3. Developing the Leader within you - John Maxwell
  4. Lincoln on leadership - Don Phillips
  5. Leaders - Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus
  6. The making of a leader - J. Robert Clinton
  7. Spiritual leadership - J. Orwald Sanders
  8. The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership - John Maxwell
  9. The leadership challenge - James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner
  10. Colurageous leadership - Bill Hybels
  11. The Bible and leadership - Lorin Woolfe
  12. Jack : Straight from the gut - Jack Welch
  13. It's your ship - D. Michale Abrashoff
  14. The 360 degree leader - John Maxwell
  15. Leadership gold - John Maxwell
Marriage & Family
  1. His needs - her need - Willard Harley
  2. If only he knew - Gary Smalley (definitely aimed at men)
  3. The blessing - John Trent & Gary Smalley
  4. When bad things happen to good marriages - Les & Leslie Parrot
  5. Building your mate's self-esteem - Dennis & Barbara Rainey
  6. For better or for best - Gary Smalley
  7. Getting out of your kids faces and into their hearts - Valerie Bell
  8. Parenting isn't for coward - Jim Dobson
  9. Saving your marriage before it starts (also saving your second marriage before it starts ) - Les & Leslie Parrot
  10. Helping your struggling teen - Les Parrot
  11. Love talk - Les & Leslie Parrot
Personal Growth
  1. Today matters - John Maxwell
  2. Winning with people - John Maxwell
  3. Half time - Bob Burford
  4. The on purpose person - Kevin McCarthy
  5. Search for significance - Robert McGee
  6. 7 Habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey
  7. Purpose driven life - Rick Warren
  8. Think & grown rich - Napolean Hill
  9. As a man thinketh - James Allen
  10. How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie
  11. Total life management - Bob Shank
  12. Talent is never enough - John Maxwell
There are so many books out there to read and this list appealed to me. 
Italic - we have it in our house/I have read


  1. You have read a lot of them already. I LOVE reading. I have a problem though...when I start I can't stop and nothing else gets I leave the reading for when we are on holiday.

    I love autobiographies.


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