Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wardrobe basics

No matter the year, the basics seem to make their way into the lists over and over.  I have a number of basic items I'm still looking for, namely
  • a denim jacket
  • a v-neck cashmere cardigan
  • diamond stud earrings
  • real pearls (I have freshwater pearls but would love a string the real deal ones)
  • black cigarette pants
  • a shirtdress

What items do you need for basic wardrobe and do you agree with the list above?

Have a grand day.


  1. I know this little basics list, and I love it! I think it's quite important to stay organized and make lists to have a perfect wardrobe!
    I think I have most of the things on the list - you?
    xxx Anita

  2. I may be (okay, I am) an oddball, but I don't believe in standardized wardrobes. I approach collecting clothes the way I approach food and everything else -- organically. What works, works. What results, results. My closet reflects me and, while I may fill in a gap, I resist wearing clothes just because other people are wearing them.

    I hope you find your missing items.

  3. What a fun and informative post. I love it.

    Good luck finding your denim jacket. You never know when you might get lucky! I found mine last month at the Goodwill thrift store for $5.00...I had been looking for about 3 years!

  4. I would agree with most everything on the list, with the exception of the bikini, because my bikini days are far behind me!


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