Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stripes 'n animals print

 and a few spots on the legs for good measure.
I think this qualifies for 'Visible Monday' over at Pattis Not Dead Yet Style Blog.

Top : DH at Truworths
Skirt : Miladys
Hose : Falke
Shoes : Legit
Scarf - not sure
Watch : Diva
Earrings : Justine Cosmetics

Todays outfit was another bold move for me, what with a striped top, spotty legs and an animal print scarf - I'm going to new heights.

Can you believe we're already racing to June.  This year has sped by so fast.

How are you doing towards achieving your goals?  Are the months passing so quickly you barely know the date let alone the month?

Time to do some planning - that's what I did yesterday!  I created a calendar with the modules I still need to complete and have put it up on the board here at work and the fridge at home, to help keep me 'tuned in'.

Before we know it, another three months will have sped on by.  So, grab hold of the days and make them count - don't put off too much for tomorrow.


  1. Oh how cute! The outfit is adorable! I like your additions to it; the animal scarf and the dotted stockings. It all comes together and makes on very lovely outfit.

  2. Hey, Wendy, you look fabulous! Love the animal print with the striped top. And what a sweet-faced doggie. : >

  3. YOU LOOK HOT :) SMOKIng.... Hehe.... I love the outfit

  4. Nice outfit Miss W ... and I LOVE the spots on the legs!!!

  5. You did a fantastic job mixing prints. What an adorable dog!

  6. That's a great combination. It really works well!

  7. Love the red and the pictures are so warm and inviting! Love that background!

  8. Now that's sassy! Love the bold attitude.

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