Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red - two days in a row

Navy and red
Red, Navy and Tan

Skirt, blazer & t-shirt : Truworths
Shoes : Edgars
Belt : Legit
Watch : Fossil

This was totally unintentional ... and I'm going to blame the season, oh heck, I'll be honest, by the morning I seldomly remember what I wore the day before.  Despite putting a reminder on my phone last night, I did not get my outfit ready so I had to decide this morning what I was going to wear.

I am thrilled that I finally found an OBI Belt that was not crazy expensive and fit me and that I like the colour of.  On Saturday when Courts and I were at The Glen we popped into Legit as I often find cute items for both of us there.  I first found a lovely 'shade of blue shirt' and as I was standing at the till I looked to my right and thre were OBI belts ... I checked and luckily found the only Large on the rail and snapped it up ... but the thrilling part was that both items were marked down by over 50% ... S.C.O.R.E.!  The belt was all of R29.99 and the shirt was down from R129.99 to R49.99. 

I was looking for something to wear the belt with and this morning as after I'd decided on the skirt and jacket I saw the red t-shirt and thought it would go great with the brown belt and brown shoes. 

I've been thinking about creating a 'clothing catalogue' of my clothing so that I wear things more often.  I often forget what I have in my closet and that's just wrong ... it almost means I have way too many items of clothing.  I think I am going to make this a bit of a priority and that way I could possibly mark how often I've worn something and if I have a quick visual of the items in the closet will wear them more often.  Any suggestions?

Previous outings of the blazer


  1. You CAN wear look fantastic in it.

  2. Great color on you. Love that belt over the dress and the jacket is very pretty.

  3. The catalogue sounds like a great idea ~ It certainly would remind you want you have worn and when and with what. Also it would help you not see items that you dont/didnt like together.


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