Monday, July 30, 2012

Sequins and stripes

Skirt : Truworths
Top : David Tlale for Legit
Blazer : Truworths
Shoes : Urban Zone

I bought this top about two months ago but have just battled to pluck up the courage to wear it, or at least, where to wear it.  So, this morning while considering what to wear with the striped skirt and blazer I was flipping through my tops and saw this and thought to myself ... "why not"?.    I think this qualifies for Visible Monday, the sequins sure are visible.

I took a pair of flat shoes with to work, because these heels are seriously high and just as well I did not have to do a lot of up and down the passage, I'd simply not have survived.

One more picture just for fun of the other accessory.


  1. A big yes! for this blouse with your neutral skirt and blazer - it's a fun surprise. I often carry flats with me too, for foot-survival : > Thanks for linking up Wendy, you look great.

  2. Great outfit and style! I like how the sequins jazz up the neutral colors.

  3. Very nice. And those heels make the bottom part of your body look incredibly beautiful.

  4. Just a right amount of glitter to make this outfit fun and stylish. Love the heels!
    How cute is that last photo!!! :D

  5. So pretty. I really like pencil skirts on pear shaped figures like ours. And fashion experts have said we should not wear prove them wrong!

    1. That's exactly how I feel. Some time, one of our local magazines had an article and the author said 'show off the curves' ... and I quite agree ... I then made friends with pencil skirts :-).

      My man thinks my hips are super sexy ;-)

  6. I love this blouse - especially with all black. I've only worn sequins to work once. Note to self: Wear sequins to work again :D

    And that pup is the perfect accessory for that outfit!

  7. nice, this is quite an elegant look <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  8. You look lovely. The top makes a fun statement teamed with the serious skirt and blazer.

  9. I'm a total pear and the closer the skirt to my legs the better. I don't have a skirt like yours here though. I really need to add some to my closet.
    Love your sequin top and how it adds just enough sparkle to your suit.

  10. Thank you for your commment=) i'll follow you right now =)BTW, you look very chic and elegant!


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