Monday, July 30, 2012

Come on Summer, come on

I adore pretty feminine dresses, however, I often feel that they engulf and overpower me.  Schatz doesn’t particularly like me in fluffy/flared skirts and dresses as he thinks they make women look larger than they are.  Now being a bit of a pear, they’re supposed to do well on my figure, yet, I don’t think they look grand.

I just received the images below in my morning fix from All 4 women and although there were a few ‘flared’ pear-shaped appropriate dresses, these spoke louder to my winter weary soul.

Colour block bodycon,
R340, Foschini

Striped bodycon dress,
R340, Foschini

Pink cocktail dress with jewelled neckline R380, Foschini

This would be so lovely for an afternoon wedding, or a special dinner out.
Black and white floral dress,
R699, Daniel Hechter at Truworths

High tea at the Westcliff

Source :  All 4 Women 


  1. Lovely dresses. I love dresses too...but I definitely have to choose carefully with my pear shape.

    Its funny that you are ready for summer; here in the US we are ready for fall...our summer of extensive 100 degree days is wearying!

  2. I LOVE dresses and I constantly wear them in summer. I don't feel comfortable in shoulderless the black and white one is right up my alley.

  3. Love the floral one but none of the rest.

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  5. Love the black and white floral one.


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