Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating in red, white and blue

 Jeans : Miladys
Top : Edgars
Sneakers : Blakes

We had my sisters over for Tea 'n Cake in celebration of my little guys 12th birthday.  He'll still have a celebration with friends, but the my sisters asked if we were doing anything, so we got together for a little gathering.

I did not get to do an actual outfit picture, but decided to share the two above, of one me chatting with my sisters outfit, and the one directly above of myself with my birthday boy who turned 12.

Miss Bean's boyfriend came over to hang out with us, and then we were surprised by a visit from two of my nephews.  They are just gorgeous, crazy guys.  Miss Bean was disappointed that she did not see them, as she and the bf had gone for a walk.

It's now time to head to bed ... weekend is done and another week is waiting in the wings ... hope yours is a fabulous one.


  1. Happy birthday to your son! He's such a handsome fella! He has your eyes.
    Have a wonderful week Wendy!

  2. Your son is very handsome!

    Love the's really cute!

  3. I hope your week is a fabulous one too!!

  4. Love the stripes and red pants. That young man is seriously handsome!


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