Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Animals and snoods

Denim Skirt : Fashion Express
Top : Legend at Makro
Snood : Legit (I think)
Jacket : Edgars
Shoes : Truworths
Ring : Bought in Graskop

I haven't worn my denim skirt for a while so today its taking centre stage.  I do so love it.  I am considering another one for summer as well and saw a rather nice one advertised by Ackermans.  There are times when I'm really surprised by some items at Ackermans ... I used to marvel that they stocked the Hang Ten range of clothing some years back, but seems its all disappeared from their racks.

Although I did not take my jacket off at work, I whipped it off quickly for a photo. 

Looking at the pictures, I think I should have added a belt, or at least another 'happier' colour to the scheme. 

The weather channel says the temperature is going to be pretty low tomorow ... a chance to bundle up again ... just to remind us that spring is not quite here yet.

Hope you're warm and snuggly. 


  1. I like the outfit mommy,I think the colours looks good the way it is! THe scarf and a belt may have been too much!! Like the leopard print ring :) It is super cute

  2. You made me look up snood. I think I got stuck somewhere in 16th century England :P I do love the quiet elegance of these colors, and your accessories are gorgeous.

  3. Tanna is right. The leopard print is such a nice pop of the unusual.


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