Monday, November 14, 2011

Ebony and Ivory

live together in perfect harmony ... (thanks Michael and Paul)

So todays outfit was quick and simple, ebony and ivory.

I picked up the t-shirt a week or so ago and loved the lace bits on it.  There is lace everywhere on everything.  One of the fun things about our seasons following on to the northern hemispheres is that you have a bit of a head ups if keeping an eye on the trends.

T-shirt : Legit
Trousers : Finnigans @ Truworths
Shoes : Jet
Necklace : Miladys
Bracelet : Charlotte Russe

Work was insanely busy today.  From just after I walked in, it did not stop.  Looks like this may be the pace for the next while.

BTW - I think the little bow is rather unnecessary - what's your thoughts?

Til we meet again, keep it Simply Sassy.


  1. Love the top Wends and I agree it could do without the bow xxxx

  2. I agree, it's unnecessary, but it's not bad either. Is it removable?

  3. Love the top and you present it beautifully with those matching slacks and shoes.

    The bow is unnecessary and possibly overkill but, as Mae West said, "Too much of a good thing is just enough."

  4. Hi Nols, Natalie and Ally,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the bow is stitched on lightly, so I can remove it easily. Think I'll take it off before I wash it.

    Hope you have a stunning day/evening.


  5. Hey Wends, Gorgeous top ... sans little bow = perfect!!! Lynn


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