Monday, August 1, 2011

August ... the windy month

Ah, here we are!  August ... the month the wind blows winter away (we hope), the month of my birth, the month for Leos and Lioness' ... the month of ummmm ... considering starting the beach diet, the near end to winter month!  At last.

So here is the first outfit for the month ... F.I.E.R.C.E ... that's how I felt, for the first time in forever - I felt fierce today.

Details : Black Shift : Jet | Shoes : Plum | Jacket : Oasis, Foschini | Belt : Edgars | Necklace : Contempo

I finished the Jodi Picoult book I was reading, Perfect Match, and was a wee bit disappointed at the ending.  Not sure exactly why, but I felt it was a little weak.  Maybe I expected more.  Overall, a good story and interesting read.

Next on the list, I think I'll read One True Thing, which I did start previously, but then the studying was knocking, so I put it aside.  If you have not read any of Anna Quindlen's work, I strongly suggest it.  Blessings is fantastic and Every last one is thrilling.

Do you use Groupon?  At first I was really hesitant, but have bought three vouchers myself and G-man bought one as well.  I have to behave in fact, because there are so many fantastic offers.  On the 13th, I'm going for a 'right brain' therapy - quite intrigued, and tomorrow I need to call and book for a chemical peel.  The discounts are amazing!  I'm looking forward to when they offer shoes at these discounted prices.  G-man was lamenting that there's not much on offer for 'boys'.  I have to agree with that.  But then, just shows how much money can be made off of a woman ... facial, liposuction, manicure, pedicure, brazilian blow drys, waxes, etc. etc. etc. ... quite unbelievable in fact.

Well, I'm tired and need to fish out stockings for Jazz as he needs them for a school project and since he was already in trouble for not having the items at school last week, I don't want to be the cause of another demit.

'Til next time ... be fabulous, oh heck, just be fierce! (Not mean fierce, sexy, sassy and smart Fierce)


  1. You are incredibly FIERCE!! I love every last detail of this outfit! What an incredible jacket - the print is pure perfection.

  2. I love the entire outfit and I love love love that jacket! You look gorgeous!


  3. Definitely fierce! And that's such a great word.

  4. Wends, I LOVE this look! The jacket is stunning - just my style!

  5. Stunning look - that jacket is a total winner!.
    I have also done some Groupon shopping, but the best so far - a Kiddies party for 10 for R200 at Mike's kitchen on Wicount


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