Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beautiful You : A daily guide to radical self acceptance

I bought this book about two months back when Sally at Already Pretty wrote about it.  I've paged through it, read a day here and a day there and decided that I'd start in my birth month, which is August, and not until I got myself a journal to do the recording in.  On Saturday I bought a pretty journal while we were out shopping for my little guys birthday presents.  It's pretty and feminine and I'm now all set to start in a few days time. 

I can't believe it, August is already here ... another exciting development is that I have almost half the fees for my photography course safely sitting in my savings account.  The next start date for classes is September 7th which are in the evenings.  I'll need to chat with the backup team and see if it will be okay and if they can cover the kids needs for 6 weeks.  August August ... such a wonderful month... besides my birthday, it means Spring is really close by and I so love Spring.

Be fabulous, be daring ... be delightful You.


  1. I'm really happy you're doing the class: you'll enjoy it.

  2. Photography course? Yay! Teach us the new tricks you'll learn! And I love August as well! Kisses :)

  3. Yip - I can not wait for winter to be OVER....Realy looking forward to warm weather - Missing your outfit postings....Lots of love


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