Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank you Julia Roberts

Sigh ... that's a sigh of relief.  I get up close and personal with my face, especially my eye area, on a regular basis and pretty much convinced myself that the ageing was worse than it should be.  Then today, I saw this photo of Julia (I must make it clear - I adore Julia Roberts) who is a year younger than me (although I don't know when this picture was taken) and well, in comparison, my eye are is not that much worse than hers. 

This photograph has really calmed my fears that I was looking way older than I am.   It's also evident then that she has not had botox (which is how everyone in a magazine looks after the airbrushing has been done) and my oh my, she's still gorgeous.

It does not stop me though from desiring to have botox injected around my eyes, a little filler around the mouth and if I had the cash, a complete facelift ... but I'm feeling more content with how my skin is looking.


  1. I'm glad it eased your fears. We all age and, done properly, can remain beautiful. You certainly are.

    If you like Julia, you'll love her new movie with Tom Hanks, "Larry Crowne." It's cute and mature and funny and touching.

  2. I am also a huge Julia fan...but I also only have to look at Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon to know that aging naturally is what I want to do. I love my "expression lines" it is part of who I am.


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