Monday, July 25, 2011

What I've learnt about life

You'll want to die, because you think you can't breath without him, but years later, you'll know in the depth of your very soul, that he was wrong for you, so so so wrong for you. 

You'll be so thin, almost anorexic, but only realise it later and realise how ill you really were, and sadly, it was not all a physical illness.  You'll wonder how you could have thought yourself 'fat' and how you could have treated yourself so badly.

You'll realise that you really are a whole person and that there is no half missing, no one but you makes up you and a man does not complete you.  You'll realise men should compliment you, they don't complete you.

You'll learn to stand your ground and dismiss the 'stomach twist' when you are behaving contrary to the way 'they' think you should.  It hasn't gone away completely, but you're dealing with it and winning.

You'll be considered hard, but in fact you know that underneath, you're just tired of being used and taken advantage of. 

You'll start believing that looking after yourself, in all ways, is not a bad thing and that you should have done it years ago ... and putting everyone else first is a sure way to build up resentment.

You'll start to dare to allow the diva inside to show herself.

You'll learn to take your time and savour things, instead of rushing through it all.

You'll learn that true honesty is rare and love is fleeting.

You'll fall in love, often and it's with your children and who they push you to be.

You'll find that wisdom is often wound up in the simple comments, compliments and words of the young.


  1. You've come a long way my wise friend... Excellent advice for younger people I think! Growing up is such a painful and amazing experience at the same time!

  2. Wonderful post...about growth and becoming who you truly were all along.

  3. True words, whose lessons I've learned only from years of experience.


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