Thursday, April 12, 2007

Haircuts and hoorays

Yes, I have internet at home, and finally, FINALLY I can blog. Maybe I'll get around to making this look a bit more exciting. And, since I got the net, I decided to rejoin my ol' scrapping group. Oh man, it's like coming home. I sure did miss all my pals.

So, I actually scrapped this past weekend. We had a long weekend due to Easter, so I got down and dirty and did a whole 3 pages. It's the second time I've really scrapped since the kids and I moved to SA - HOORAY.

As for the haircuts, I went and had a cut last week. All was fine until he started hacking at my hair without asking what I wanted and assumed he should cut it into a BOB!!!!!!!!! Arrgh, it was looking good, it was growing. Thankfully, it can grow back but I'm just so not into this style anymore.

Anyways, hope to be able to upload a layout or two sometime soon.

So good to be back


  1. Hi there! I'm one of the new ScrappyChatters and I just stopped by to get to know you. I checked out a couple entries and I think you are an amazing person. You've been through a lot and are coming out on the other side a stronger person. That to me is awesome. I'm glad you came back to SC. It will be a pleasure getting to know you!!

  2. Hi Wendy! I'm so gald to see you scrapping again! Missed you girl and can't wait to see you more on the group e-mail!


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