Monday, November 18, 2013

Houndstooth ... with blue

I do so love this houndstooth skirt of mine.  It's a knit material and ueber comfy to wear.  I like that it can look super smart and fairly casual too.  I wore it in winter as well with tights and booties and a long sleeved shirt and in another shared outfit with a red peplum.  I think I may well pack it in for my trip in December as I can easily wear it three times with different tops. 
It was super hot today and the sky remained totally free of clouds.  Its wonderful weather for sun babies but those like me who got themselves roasted in their younger years know to stay indoors next to the fan with a 1.5l of water.
The details :
Necklace : Legit
Shirt : Woolworths
Skirt : Legit
Shoes : Conempo
Handbag : Justine Cosmetics
Sunnies : Fairlady freebies just for show
You may remember that it was a mid calf length skirt when I purchased it and the day I wore it to work with the red peplum, my collegue immediately told me that she did not like the length on me ... and neither did I.  Off to the tailor it went and how much better does it look in the second picture below and the look above?
'Til we visit again - have a fabulous day.



  1. That is an amazing skirt. It works magic.

  2. I have to say .. I do like the shorter version! And I love the blue top as well .. :-)


  3. I do like it shorter and you looked fabulous. And that necklace - I want!

    1. I actually looked for them today and they were sold out :-( I had every intention of buying it for you - if I see something similar, its yours!

  4. A great tailor can do wonders. I think it was flattering before, too, but it's great with those shoes.

  5. Beautiful skirt, I love the design and color. The look with the blue top is magnificent. A very attractive proposition.

  6. I agree with Lynette ... Pack it in. It sure does look much nicer in the shorter version.

  7. You can never go wrong with a classic houndstooth piece. I actually quite like the midi-length but I've never met a skirt I didn't love better shorter, and this is no exception :)

  8. Beautiful skirt:) you look gorgeous :))))
    Hugs Beata

  9. You look so pretty.
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