Monday, April 16, 2007

Already Monday?

The weekend whizzed by and I'm still wondering what happened between the hours on 00:00 on Saturday to 20:00 on Sunday. Unbelievable how quickly they go.

We had a FRIGHTFULLY quiet weekend. Except for dashing to the stores and bank on Saturday morning, we did nothing exciting - except for watching Open Season and Jersey Girl. Such cute movies. Open Season is already on the wish list.

Work was quiet and the day passed slowly. Been way to quiet the last two weeks.

Except for Miss T sniffling, everyone is doing well.

I really don't have much news - how sad.

Maybe next time I'll have something interesting to say


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  1. Wow! Your posting again. Awesome. After you comment, I just now thought to check. Was actually shocked to see you here..hee. However, I still do not scrap :(


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