Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend is ending ...

I got this quote this week, and I like it ...

When we look into the long avenue of the future and see the good there is for each of us to do, we realise, after all, what a beautiful thing it is to work, and to live, and to be happy.
~Robert Louis Stevenson~
I think it's a duty to be happy and to work, whether in the home or outside and I must admit, working in the home is a whole lot harder and demanding! I miss being home with my children, but where I am in life right now, it's simply not an option.
We had another quiet and uneventful weekend - I was sick on Friday and went to see my dr who said that I had gastro and a throat infection starting - sigh - my ears are sore this evening! I also need to got and have my thyroid scanned and he took blood on Friday to test. Need to remember to call him on Tuesday for the results.
Otherwise, I'm doing fine.
Miss T has a horrid case of flu last week as well and stayed home for two days. She's doing much better now. Hopefully the lil one's won't get it.
Miss T wrote a biology test last week and said that she thought it hadn't gone well, it's no one of her favourite subjects - and she was thrilled, she scored 82%. I'm so very happy for her.
Anyways, that's about if for now, don't have much time, need to get the boys bathed and ready for bed ... have a fabulous week!
'Til next time


  1. I've done both as well and staying motivated while staying home is a lot harder than working, I think. I am grateful that I can, but sometimes I miss the "adultness" of working. Of course, we have the business, so I can pretend to work if I want. bwahhhhaaaa! have a good week

  2. I agree...working at home can be MUCH more difficult (and tiring!) But well worth it!

    I hope Ms. T is feeling better soon! And yeah on her test!


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