Saturday, July 15, 2006

What I've learnt in the last 5 years.

So I've been scare but here I am. Thought I'd share some of my thoughts from the week.

Yikes, this gypsy's feet are itching


That happiness really does come from within and is all about how I feel about me and how I'm viewing the world. I can't, no matter how hard I try, change how anyone sees themselves or feels about themselves. I can make you smile and pay you compliments, as you can me, but if I don't see it myself, or know it about myself or feel it, it's going to be meaningless.

There are no guarantees and promises are broken. You can't stop the heartache, disappointment, disillusionment or anger - but you can work through it and get over it and it's really better on the other side, and I'm darn sure that the next love with be the right love.

I am a good, honest, loyal, responsible, reliable, fun, crazy person. I will not apologise for who I was. I like me - A LOT. I see a woman who has made it through some seriously tough times and she's still smiling. What isn't there to like!

That 'stuff' doesn't make you happy, it doesn't take the pain away or fill the holes and no matter how beautiful it is, it eventually becomes 'stuff' - it simply bogs you down and who is to say that the kids are going to want it anyway. I want to travel light - I don't want to be held hostage by my 'stuff'! I don't want to fill every corner, or cover every wall with stuff. I like my windows without curtains and I love the feel of wood under my feet. I want to look out my windows and see something beautiful (really have to work on that one ... lol). The only 'stuff' I want is the stuff that sits in the heart, the people who take pieces of it and travel through with you, the memories so that when I'm totally grey I'll have stories to tell my grandchildren.

But the biggest lesson ... damn I'm a survivor and stronger than I've ever been (and you thought I was tough when we were 20!!!) and I have so much love to give, it scares me!


  1. It excites me to see the life in you. I love the ebb and flow of life and the lessons we learn along the way. I was surprised to hear from you after such a long time - Glad to read that you are well on your way.

  2. You ROCK girl!

    There is a saying that women are like tea - put us in hot water and we only get stronger...

    I love you!

  3. Hey SASSY Gal! I've been thinking about ya! Hope that life on the other side of the world is just peachy! Say HI to that sis of yours for me!


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