Monday, August 14, 2006

Been a while ...

since I've been here and I have posts on my home pc but I keep forgetting to bring them in to post. I will though ... honest.
I don't get to visit you gals much, but I do pop by and take a quick look at what's up in your lives and my scrap buddies, I miss yáll so much!!
Ex is moving to Houston - nobody scream now - I did it for all of us already. He and his new love. You can imagine how I felt when I heart the news, but I'm fine now. Actually, I'm happy about it. The kids will get a chance to go over there and visit.
The kiddies are doing awesome and growing and just amazing me. Their tenacity, energy and just plain everything bowls me over.
Miss T and her biological dad get on like a house on fire. In a strange way, it's wonderful having him as part of our lives ... no we're not together, but incredibly good friends.
Otherwise, I'm dating and having a blast, met some interesting people ... met someone who seriously aroused my curiosity, but we live so far apart ... however, who knows what the future holds?
Anyways, must dash, Monday morning and it's work work work!

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  1. Like a house on fire? Is that a good thing? Wow, Houston. I know that must have stung a bit. But, just think, God had better things planned for you!


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