Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coral lace and mint stripes

WHEN : Thursday, October 17th

Tank - Pick 'n Pay
Shirt : Mr. Price
Jeans : Identity
Shoes : Meltz
Belt : Foschini

THE DAY PLAN: Today is Courteneys' 17th birthday.  We called this afternoon but had missed her as she's already left for schoool, so the boys and I send her a voicenote over Whatapps where we sang - we sounded horrid ... lol.  

Yet again my day got sidetracked and I did not quite achieve what I had set out to achieve, so tomorrow I'm under some self imposed stress.  Its been a week of unexpected distractions and I'm just not getting to what I need to get to.  I don't know if anyone feels it, but the days sure slip by quickly.

I ended up going around trying to the find the items needed for a school project that Liam has to do which is to create an electric parallel circuit - from searching everywhere I thought it could be, to going to the stores and driving around trying find other options - I came back empty handed, but luckily Schatz found one.

This evening we had lovely chicken and avo wraps for dinner.  I bought the multigrain wraps from Woolworths and roasted a chicken.  Oh my, it was so good.  I think we'll have some for lunch tomorrow as well.

Well, my evening is now over and I must head to bed - hope your day was wonderful friends.


  1. Love the outfit ... sorry your day was upside down! I always like that I can pop in with my laptop and sit at your dining room table and work without feeling like I am intruding and am always comfortable when you go about your day and do what you need to do. Thanks!!!!!

  2. I love the top, by the color and the fabric. The look is very nice.

  3. You always looks so well those shoes. Congrats on Courneys birthday...I am sure you are missing her a lot.


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