Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nothing but neutrals

The Deets : Skirt, Tank and Shoes : Truworths | Cardigan : Legit | Necklace : Accessorize | Bracelets : Contempo
Todays look took shape at the last minute - I had not quite planned what to wear, but this outfit came together around the skirt, followed by the cardigan and then the tank was added.

In all honesty I almost felt as thought I were dressed my age and a little more professional and a little less trendy than usual.  Its a safe, practical outfit.

I bought this cardigan a few weeks back from Legit - I liked the 'chain' details on the trim and the faux pockets.
Yesterday I saw another women in my age group wearing the same cardigan and I was quite impressed by how great it looked on her.  This range of clothing by Toya Delazy is marketed at a younger age group, but there are a few items that I feel are totally appropriate for the more mature trendy ladies.
I would like to get a necklace and arm chains that are more like the trim, but with the little gold sequins in the cardigan, I think the pearl and gold accessories picked up nicely.


  1. I love anything neutral. You look lovely.

  2. Hello Wendy..

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yep! I noticed that after I changed the name of my blog about a year ago. I actually think there is another out there that is really similar. So I think there are 3 of us.


  3. Yep I looks like you may have started in Feb of 2012 I changed my name in Jan of 2012 and there was another blogger who had a similar name before either of us. HA!

  4. You look wonderful...but I like it when you go more trendy.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that outfit ... definitely not boring!!! But then not being a fashionista and certainly not trendy I could be speaking from a "fashion challenged and fashion uneducated" point of view ... but none the less I think you look gorgeous!!!!

  6. Wendy, that Chanel inspired jacket is gorgeous and very trendy. I love your statement necklace a lot!
    I would suggest a different skirt though. Either a black, a dark blue or even a dark purple/plum colour. Plum will be a big theme here in autumn. The top should then be in the same colour (create a colour column).
    And also the skirt could be a bit shorter... you can easily wear shorter skirts!
    The jacket will also look great with jeans for a more casual yet stylish look,
    Hope you like my ideas...

    Lady of Style


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