Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tan and White

The mug was a gift from my ex and his wife ... it says 'coffee and shoes makes everything better'
          As I mentioned, I have promised to try and wear items I haven't worn in a while by restyling.  I haven't worn this skirt for a while as it was a wee bit tight, but dropping just a kg makes a difference over the hip area for me ;-).

Tan skirt and white ruffle top

Skirt : Mr Price  |  Shirt :  Truworths |  Belt : Edgars | Necklace : Gift from Miz T | Shoes : Chinese Store |
Ring : Truworths
          I haven't worn either of these items for months ... but do take note of the new shoes ... they're the ones Schatz bought me for Christmas.  Its the first time I've worn them and of course, new shoes are always a little challenging.  My necklace was finally fixed when Miz T came to visit so at last I could wear it again.
Photo bomber
                   I had originally planned to wear a navy and white striped t-shirt and the lace blazer, but then decided to go with this top instead.  At least I have another outfit idea.

          I hope your Wednesday was amazing ... here's to a stylish and fabulous day.


  1. This color combo is very pretty. I love your gorgeous necklace.

  2. Love the poses, Wendy...especially the one with your boy.
    The necklace is really pretty and it looks very similar to Lia Sophia style.
    I really like simple basic color palettes like the one you are wearing. The blouse is really pretty with the bow detail at the elbow.
    You look so pretty as always.

  3. Lovely combination.....and I love your necklace!

  4. I love favourite colour combo.

  5. The outfit looks great ... nice colour combination.
    LOVE the necklace and the photo with Lambert.


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