Friday, December 21, 2012

Red 'n white

Red and white ... for Christmas
Top : Woolworths
Pants : Woolworths
Belt : Foschini
Shoes : ShoeCity
Necklace : Foschini

I'm celebrating ... its the last work day of the year for me ... don't be fooled, I'll work much harder at home, but at least I'm the 'boss' there

Jodi has not photobombed for a while so it was cute when she joined us this morning ... just getting her to stop scratching was a bit of a mission.  She really smiles at me when she sits in front of me like this.  So cute she is ... but she's getting old now and battling to stand up quickly.  I find it so sad.

Now as its the home stretch, let me finish tidying my desk and office and all the bits I need to get done ... have a super day now.


  1. Love the cut of that top. Your dog is so cute. Aren't dogs just the best things to have. So loving.

  2. You and Miss Jody look super cute ... Love the outfit and the shoes are gorgeous ~ Hope you got everything done that you wanted to at work and now can go home and "be the boss" LOL!!!!


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