Friday, December 14, 2012

Polka dots

Skinnies with polka dots and a little floral
Cami - Pick 'n Pay
Shirt - Brand = Tango
Jeans : Woolworths
Wedges : Brand = Modascopa : Store = Meltz
Necklace = Truworths

The photographer this morning is our domestic worker Felicia.  The kids were all still in bed and schatz had headed to bathroom, so she was enlisted to do the honours.

Today a collegue left!  She's off to USA for a holiday and then moving to Australia.  It was hard in a sense to say goodbye, although we are not close, we connected.  Many more of my collegues are going on leave today as well.

I needed the happiness of this coral top today.

Hope your Friday is fantastic - our 'holiday' from the kids starts today as their father arrived last night ... we can run around the house naked now ... lol.

Do say Hi before you head off on your visit.


  1. Love that orange top. That is such a great color on you.

  2. Just did a catch up read....great outfits and accessories. Thanks for blogging! Mariette

  3. I think that coral top needs to find its way into my wardrobe!!!


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