Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its another Sunday

which means I was up way before anyone else in the house, did laundry, puttered around and then gave Schatz coffee in bed. 
Part of my Sunday morning rituals usually includes a mini facial, cutting, trimming, filing and painting nails. Plucking eyebrows.  Shaving or epilatoring legs and under arms. 
Part of the day is also spent considering outfits for the week.  Some weeks it's easier, others its more of a challenge, factoring in slight weight fluctuations, weather predictions, menstruation, how I'm feeling emotionally (which can change in the blink of an eye) and then also considering the needs of the work week, is it one of the busy weeks which sees me up and down the passage numerous times, client visit, month end reports etc. all is taken into considering.  When we have a lot of visitors due, I then to keep my heels lower as I usually am on my feet more.  Sky high heels take their toll on my poor lil feet on those days.

So I sit here heading toward 6pm, the roast is in the oven, but I have managed to muck up my nails and I can't think of what to wear.  So I'm looking for inspiration.
I'm considering my new grey skirt I bought about a month ago but have not yet worn.  The early part of the week is predicted to be cold with the end of the week warming up.


  1. I like listening to you think. It's like being a visitor in your head. All the ideas that float through your mind interest me.

  2. Hope you week is super special and not toooo busy.

  3. ...and then the grey skirt worked;-)


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