Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coral chinos on Tuesday

Today I wore two new items.  Firstly, the sandals I bought more than two months ago and have been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so that I could f.i.n.a.l.l.y wear them.  I've been in two minds about 'bright' coloured pants but when I headed into Legit last week and I saw these, I decided to give them a go. 
I have zillions of different tops I want to still wear with these trousers, but decided to go with my denim shirt today as our offices are still rather chilly, despite it being really warm when outside.  As another mom said this morning, we're still dressing winter on top and summer at the bottom.
 Pants : Legit | Shirt : Threads | Sandals : Truworths | Earrings : | Bangles : Various
I made Chicken Korma for dinner and oh my, it was delicious!  I tell you, delicious.  Schatz rated it at 9/10!!  I lost the point due to there not being enough rice in his opinion ... I made two cups, but it seems that Jasmin rice does not swell quite as much as normal rice.

Liams comment was that there's no reason to go back to Taj if we can eat this at home :-).  Courts loved it and I'm now curious to hear Jarod's opinion.

Lucky for me, there was enough left over for me to take some to work tomorrow.  I'll call the man in the van and get a Roti to have it with ... I can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

To end off my post and for your viewing pleasure a gratuitous kitty picture ... Little Marshy who was having fun jumping in and out of my basket ... she's so cute, but not so cuddly unfortunately and she is driving poor Bobbi a bit crazy.

That's all folks, hope your Tuesday is terrific.


  1. I love your coral pants! And I think the denim shirt was the perfect choice to wear with them.

    Also, your kitten is fluffy and adorable!

    1. Thanks Gracey ... I thought they may be a little 'young'. Our kitty is such a cutie pie, but I'm sad that she doesn't like to snuggle much.

  2. This looks great on you. Love the color combination.

    1. Thanks Lisa ... they are so light and comfortable that I can definitely wear them when the weather is even warmer.

  3. So pretty, Wendy! Love this combo!
    And, you know I'm looking at those heels! <3

    1. I had a feeling dem heels would appeal to you!

  4. Let me know next time you're making Chicken Korma and I'll come over for dinner. :)

  5. I want the recipe for the Chicken Korma.

  6. I didn't even know chinos came in that color - brilliant! Love the way you popped the color a bit with your earrings.

    Our 6-month kitten is driving our Cairn Terrier crazy. She chases him, or rather his tail, whenever he walks, like he's some large mobile cat toy :o

  7. wow such an amazing look! love your shoes!
    very nice blog by the way ;)

    kisses from Russia,



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