Monday, September 17, 2012

New grey skirt

Its a marvellous Monday so I'm linking up with the special and ever stylish Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.
Skirt : Ackermans | Shirt : Edgars | Shoes : Rage | Earrings : Truworths
I had intended wearing this skirt almost a month ago shortly after purchasing it, then last week, but it just didn't make it onto the list.
I decided that since it's been a month since I bought it, and back in my 'youth' I'd never wait this long to wear something new, I'd be so excited, I'd take it home and wash it right away and wear it within two days of purchasing.  Is it a sign of age and maturity being able to wait a month to wear something new?
The next dilemma then was what to wear it with.  I couldn't decide ... then when I went up to my room late yesterday afternoon, I saw this shirt hanging on the rail and thought 'that'll do donkey, that'll do'. 
How do you go about putting it all together? 
Does it come 'easy peasy' without much thought?
Do you sometimes take days and pain over an outfit?
I find it comes easy at times, then other times, it's agony.
I need something comfy for tomorrow as there is a full day session involving of our site staff and our client.  It may well invovle lots of movement, so something with low heels or wedges and trousers ... makes getting up often a whole lot easier.
Hope your Monday was magical.


  1. I love the drape on the front of that skirt. And love it with the softer top.

    I'm the same way about deciding what to wear. Some days I struggle and only leave the house because I have to. And other days, the pieces are just sitting next to each other in the closet and it's perfect!

  2. The skirt is completely yummy, Wendy. I think you'll find lots of great tops to wear with it. Love those chic shoes too. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday and sharing your stylish ways!

  3. Pretty. My experience mirrors yours. Some days, the outfit puts itself together; other days, I struggle and struggle.

  4. What a pretty skirt!
    Gorgeous outfit you put together. I think it would look great with something black, too. :)

  5. hehe...with me it comes together very easily. Jeans are my work wear in winter and that goes with just about anything. Summer it takes more time...choosing the dress or skirt and top.

  6. Wendy, you look fabulous. Gray and mint green are two of my fave colors for separates. You will get lots of wear out of something as versatile as that skirt.

    Some days the right clothes fall right into my hands (I'm not much of an outfit pre-planner), and other days I stand in front of my little closet and mentally wail that I have nothing to wear :P

  7. Very lovely outfit. It doesn't look like you struggled at all to put it together as it looks effortlessly stylish.
    Sometimes outfits come together so easily and others I struggle to make work even though I may love the pieces individually.

  8. Your outfit is lovely. The way the front of the skirt drapes is just perfect.

    I am the same way with putting outfits together. Sometimes it just clicks. And other times I stare at my closet thinking I have nothing to wear.

  9. I like the shape of the skirt; it's simple, but it has a subtle bit of interest. The color paring is lovely, Wendy. Oh..and your shoes...sigh.


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