Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beautiful blue

Details Top : China store
Pants :
Belt : Mr Price
Shoes : La Diva, Mulbarton
Necklace : Woolworths

I visited my hairdresser and had a trim and overdue colur.  I feel new and oh so pretty.

I almost believe that my kitties love me ... just look at how they're looking at me.  So very cute they are.  The big ginger (red) is my boy Lucky who I adopted about 5 years ago and rehabilitated from a terrified miserable mess who hid under my bed for three months and stayed away from all humans to a rather sweet and sociable, confident boy who will come into a room of visitors and even walk between us ... so proud of him and just adore him.  He however has still not accepted the little black brat.  She irritates him and he now spends a lot of time outdoors. 

Hope your day had a good part to it too ... I feel prettie oh so prettie ;-)


  1. And you look so oh so pretty too! The way your kitties are looking at you, I think they agree as well.

    That blue is very good on you.

  2. Pretty top and your hair looks beautiful

  3. Your hair looks fantastic! I love the adoring look the kitties are giving you too!

  4. Blue is your color, and you're always pretty.

    So's your kitteh!

  5. Your hair looks very pretty sister. And I love the blue top on you.

  6. Hi Wendy!
    You look very pretty! Oh yes!
    I agree with Lynne, blue is definitely your color!
    I'm not getting your posts by email anymore....wonder what's up with that?

  7. Love your hair and the blue, and your adoring cats!

  8. Love your hair, you look gorgeous!!! Maybe lucky is missing his GF :)
    Love you


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