Monday, May 7, 2012

Visible Monday : Stripes 'n Red

I'm linking up to Visible Monday over at Patti who is the fabulous stylish lady at 'Not Dead Yet Style' and boy, she's showing us all that she is nowhere near Dead yet.


Skirt and T-shirt : Truworths
Belt : Woolworth
Shoes : Rage
Bangles : Edgars & Mr. Price

I love stripes.  In all shades, sizes and colours, I think they're so gorgeous and sassy and then a little red of course just makes me growl.

Add red, white and navy and you really have a stunning combination.

If there's any one item in this getup that I love, it has to be my shoes.  I adore them and they definitely make me feel ueber visible.  From the back they're almost black but from the front they're red.


  1. Cool shoes! We are on a shoe vibe today, my friend. You look fab in stripes.

    1. Thanks Patti and for always leaving the sweetest comments.

  2. Nice outfit Wends ... love the shoes as well.

  3. Wendy, has anyone ever told you that you're too sexy for your blog? lol

    Seriously, you really rock beautiful, classic pieces. You look so great you may see a copycat on my blog tomorrow...but I did buy the striped shirt with The Teen yesterday :)

  4. Hi Wendy!
    Love the nautical outfit! And those heels!! Hot mama!

  5. Very stylish. And undeniably sassy.

  6. I love the pop of red. I can't believe you are still in summer in PE most of my summer clothing have been packed away already.


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