Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shall we call it fuschia or shocking pink?

After taking the first lot of pictures, I did not like how the t-shirt looked and in fact, it's really looks more brown in pictures than the grey is portrays itself as in real life.  I also decided to tuck it in and G-man took a few more pictures as well as in front of his truck.  As you can see, Miss Jodi loves being in the pictures.  She's such a sweet dog, just a pity she wants to eat mycats.

T-shirt - Jet
Skirt - Truworths
Blazer - Truworths
Hose - Falke
Shoes - Edgars
Kitty Brooch - Giovanni
Necklace - Mr. Price
Bracelet - Charlotte Russe
The pose in front of the car

Here pretty kitty
I also have not had a chance to check out the David Tlale range at Legit.  I think I need to sneak down tomorrow and take a peep at Legit (I hope the branch a few blocks of the office has of the range as I need to collect G-man's and my nephews trousers from the tailors.


  1. Oh that colour is you ! And it is fushia. Shocking pink is a bit more noeny me thinks

  2. You look super chic. I love to wear tees and blazers together. I love that hot, hot pink.

    Your photo-bomber is totally adorable!

  3. Looks gorgeous to me whatever the colour.


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