Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Colour blocking?

 Skirt : Miladys (altered)
Top : Truworths
Shoes : Kelso at Edgars
Bangles : Edgars, Truworths, Mr. Price

If you're a 'style/fashion blogger', have you found that you're way more daring in some respects than you were before you started blogging?  I have always had a 'shoe fetish' and love shoes with interesting details, high heels and extras to them.  But as for the clothing, I'd wear something 'zhoosh', but mostly toned down.  However, I don't think that before feeling challenged and empowered by this community, I'd have ventured out wearing the colour combination I did today.  It would have been one or the other, with cream, white or black, but unlikely to have shown up together on my body.

I'm really challenged on what to wear tomorrow - could you pop on over and throw a couple of outfits together for me?

Hope y'all had a fabulous day ... til next time,
Keep it Simply Sassy


  1. Whoa!! Blogging really has changed you!

    At first, I didn't recognize you. You never wear bright colors like this. I'm used to seeing you in white, black and light pastels. These colors are so out-of-character for you.

    That said, I like 'em! It's fun to experiment. This outfit makes you look young and perky.

  2. i love the colours on you :)

  3. I'm loving your blog. I'm your newest follower.

    I just adore colour block for winter! I already have several pairs of colour skinny jeans. Can you say, Awesome!

  4. Always look so gorgeous in those outfits!

  5. Nice combination sista!!! As Ally says ... you look young and perky!

  6. you look fantastic and very confident in this colorful combination.I love altering clothes myself. it gives so many possibilities!

  7. A+ color blocking! Love it!

    I'm definitely more edgy (for a middle-aged paralegal) than I was before I started photographing my own outfits. Wow, is that ever an enlightening

  8. I enjoy colour blocking. Your top is bright and lovely with the sherbet skirt. I'd say you did quite well with your outfit.


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