Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quote of the week

Its all thanks to Adam and Eve, I believe.  As an sms my sister sent me a few weeks ago said (its a joke) -

My dad told me, if Adam and Eve had been Chinese,
we'd still be in the Garden of Eden.
Because they'd have eaten the snake
instead of the apple.

It made me giggle, because as a women, and a Christian, I'm often pretty bummed at what Eve did.  Caused us to suffer in childbirth and more.  If she'd just behaved .. oh wait, I'm just as tempted by a pretty pair of shoes ... the promise of some magical potion making me look 10 years younger.  I digress.

When we do look at the human body, and the amazing organ that is our skin, it really is incredible and all the more reason for us to look after it from the inside and out.


  1. I agree. Our bodies, in their natural state, are beautiful. The trouble comes when we allow cultural ideas to skew our view.

    Purely as an experiment, I posed nude on my blog last year and thought it'd be a disaster. The fact that it wasn't opened my eyes much wider.

  2. Interesting quote! Can def. relate to makeup too.


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