Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabulous finds ...

I took a few moments to try and wake up my brain and surfed a little ... on my ride of the waves, i found the following and thought I'd share with my visitors.

Honestly ... W.T.F.  honestly, I could spend an entire day and then some on this site.  The photos are amazing and there is just so much to drool over.
Inslee by Design I just added her artwork to my 'wish list' - a personalised illustration, stationery and blog/site header in this style.  Also, some pictures of my children .. that would be fantastic artwork for the wall at home!!!!  I think I know what I want for Valentines day.

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  1. oh yeah..honestly WTF is so cool! I get inspired to do so many projects, but in the end I guess I am not a DIYer! But those girls are so talented@@


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