Sunday, January 29, 2012

Window-shopping ... On my wish list

I've been looking for a denim shirt for ages ... maybe I need to visit the Levi store here and see what they have in stock ... last few times I've been in there have not been successful.

I have looked everywhere and tried on so many different brands of denim jacket, but am yet to find the right length and cut.  They all seem to be cut 'square' and for some of us girls, that simply does not work on our figures.  This one looks like it has some shape in the waist ... I may be wrong as I'm only looking at a picture of it, but it all looks a little longer.  Right now, it seems to me that the stores here in Jozie are only stocking the short/cropped denim jackets.  I'm still hopeful though.


  1. Good luck with your search ... I have also only seen boxy ones. If I do see anything I will let you know.

  2. I am not in to Denim shirts or jackets...but I simply love that bag.

  3. I like the Cabela's jacket a lot (says sold out, : <) and I agree with Lynette that the bag is fabulous. Keep up the hunt!

  4. I love denim! My jacket gets lots of use. I think it's one of those staple pieces that will be around for a long time. Good luck with your search!

  5. I hope you find all the things on your wishlist! BTW, I agree, finding a good denim jacket that looks feminine and non-boxy is a tough task!!
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  6. I've been there - most deinim jackets are so boxy and unflattering!
    I finally found one I love, even though it's cut more like a blazer than the traditional denim jacket. But it's super flattering.

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