Monday, January 23, 2012

Bright 'n cheerful on a blue Monday

Bits 'n pieces on my nightstand

 I decided to start this week off with a new addition to my wardrobe.  When shopping at Edgars at the end of last year (always sounds like such a long time ago) I picked up this skirt on their sale.  Marked down by 50% and it being a colour I don't have in my closet, I decided to bring it home.  I was going to play it safe and wear a conservative colour, but then decided since it's Monday, I'd be a little daring and pair it with a colour I'd not usually go for.
That led to the bright yellow t-shirt.  I added the jacket to pull it together as there is the black piping on the waist trim of the skirt.

Skirt : Edgars
T-shirt : Fashion Express
Jacket : Truworths
Shoes : Edgars
Necklace : Contempo
Bangles : Edgars, Truworths and a couple other places

While sorting photos this evening, I found these and realised I had not posted them which is probably because they were very blurry.  However, this is also one of the items I bought at the sale the end of December.  I'd seen this top months ago and loved the colours.  There was pink, blue, cream and this green.  I did not feel it was worth the amount they were asking of R239- so I did not buy.   But when I was browsing the sale and saw this one, I snapped it up and was pleasantly surprised when I got home that it was R20 less than the price on the tag and I got for the sum of R59.95!!  I was more than happy about that.

Top : Edgars
Skirt : Truworths
Shoes : Edgars
Necklace : Justine Cosmetics

Worn on 13th January

Ginger Lemonade Taupe Satchel
Surfing a little I ran across this and just saw that Penny Pincher found it as well.  I think it's so divine and would love a bag like this.  I don't change my bags often and have less than 10.  I just find that changing the bags contents confuses the heck out of me and I feel out of sorts for days.  I bow to women who change their bags daily to suit their outfit ... I'm truly awed.

Well friends, thats it from lil ol me for today.  I had a totally hectic day and my body 'n brain are both screaming nighty night ... hope your Monday is/was fantastic.

Thanks for coming by ... I love visitors :0)

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  1. Seems Monday was hectic all round!!! Sleep tight little sista.

  2. Great skirt. Bravo on being bold.


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