Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jane ... wheres your Tarzan

Skirt : Miladys
Shirt : Ann Taylor
Shoes : Urban Zone
Bangles : Edgars & Truworths

Hanging out in the jungle today in an Ann Taylor top that my dd sent me for Christmas.  I was so excited to receive this ... so that's two days in a row with something new and not seen before on the blog.  I don't intend making it three.

I'm also finally wearing my R90- shoes.  However, they are not for walking around in more than about 30 steps at a time.  I'm still on the hunt for a basic pair of black pumps (courts).

Things are a little crazy at our office.  Our MD passed away on the 14th, our construction manager had a heart attack and was hopitalized on the 15th (he's doing fine and been discharged but needs to rest for 6 - 8 weeks) and then today my boss was admitted and operated on.  Someone said it seems our project is jinxed - I don't buy into that kind of sentiment - do you?  But, it's created some craziness and unease.

Hope alls good with you ...

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  1. Great outfit, Wendy - you look fierce in those heels! Sorry to hear about all the troubles at your workplace -- stay safe!

  2. Such a great look, Wendy!! I don't buy into that sentiment either..but if I were you, I would watch my back and maybe avoid the water!!

    Love you top!!

  3. Meow! You look ready to tackle the jungle! Love the shirt from AT. The whole look is just simply sassy!!

  4. Ai Inam sure it puts a lot of stress on the rest of you

  5. Great outfit ~ love the shirt Tan sent you.

    It is really sad that your company is going through such a turbulent time! Don't believe in the jinxed thing ~ just pray for and over your workplace very day.

  6. Love the shirt on you...you really can carry off so many styles.


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