Wednesday, January 18, 2012

50's inspired dress

I saw this dress a few months back, but simply did not believe it was worth the R450.00 on the price tag in Truworths.  Partly because its really a 'trend' item.  If it had been a classic, I'd have paid the price without a problem.  However, it did not stop me from wanting the dress.  So I waited and hoped that itwould make the sales racks.

So roll on two months and it went on sale at R220.00.  Oh joy, I was beyond excited and snapped it up as quick as a flash.  I need to have the waist tapered as it does not fit exactly right, however, I just had to wear it as I could not wait any longer.  Since my waist has trimmed down in the last two weeks (crunches twice daily, lunges every morning and really watching my diet) and the dress sat a little smoother over the hip area, I had to give it a whirl.

 Dress : Truworths
Shoes : La Diva
Bracelet : Charlotte Russe
Earrings : Edgars
I kept the whole look plain and simple.  When the weather starts cooling, a cut cardigan or blazer will also go well I'm sure.

Today saw the start of the new school year here ... everyone survived and so the madness begins.

Hope you had a stunning day ...
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  1. You look smashing in your new dress! What a pretty color! Not trendy at all. Your poses are so cute, too!

  2. Gorgeous! And we can see how much you like it with your big smiles and joyful poses. The neckline is really pretty and retro.

  3. I also want one!!!! So gorgeous and not what I would define as a trend item.

  4. what a cute dress! I adore the seafoam shade!

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