Thursday, January 19, 2012

My morning views ...

A little look at the morning views in a day of my life (before the back to work and school craziness of this city begins)
A peek inside my lunch box ... swooon

Leaving our house

Heading up Kliprivier Drive ...

See, I got 'the sign' ... now could someone decipher it for me ;-)

The lack of morning traffic is amazing ... just a few more days then the craziness will start again

Where my cute lil car spends her day

The first person I usually speak to at the office ... Sharon

My office

Salad Lovingly made for my lunch by my Schatz


  1. Oh, how wonderful! We get a glimpse into your world. Thank you for sharing this.

    Do you guys drive on the wrong side of the road? We drive on the right; it's hard to tell where you do.

    Your office is nice. Are you allowed to decorate it?

  2. A lovely glimpse into your life...thank you. Really impressed you have your lunch prepared for you! (Need to train mine better.)

  3. And by the time I am reading this post of yours and commenting the traffic has returned to NORMAL!!!

    And to Ally's point ... for us in South Africa the left hand side is the RIGHT side of the road!!! LOL!!!

  4. I love this little peek into your every day life. Thank you for sharing it.


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