Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something old ... something new

Some days I feel inspired.  Some days I have more energy to fiddle with things than others ... today is one of those days, or more specifically, this evening is one as I ditched the 'good mom' image and took the family to McDonald's for dinner.  I was just TOOO tired to cook and way too hot as well.

Something old : my jacket
Something new : my skirt

I picked this skirt up on sale at Contempo about two weeks ago for R120.00.  I liked the print and it's 'heavy' enough for winter as well.  I have mostly tried to buy pants and skirts that I can wear through all the seasons and this lived up to that.  The skirt is a little bit tight, but the next size up was huge and I am so bad about getting clothes sized that I'd rather go with the snug fit.

It's so hot here again, it reached into the early 30's (Celcius).  I'm thankful as always that I work in an office, even if we can't adjust the aircon to suit ourselves, it's cooler than being out there.  I always feel for the kids.

On Friday I want to go and take photos of Jarod doing scholar patrol.  I think it would make a great scrapbook page for his album.  I think it's his last patrol for the year. 

Well, before I melt completely, I'm heading away to let the fan blow my hair around.  Hope your day was awesome.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Sassy.


  1. Very beautiful outfit. I love the ruffled tee (is it?) and the finishing touch of the brooch.

  2. Pretty outfit. I like the skirt.

    It always startles me to realize your seasons are reversed. You're getting warmer and we're heading into the cold Winter.

  3. You do look pretty but gosh, it is soo hot!

  4. What a lovely outfit. You certainly don't look hot and bothered - enjoy that aircon!


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