Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bright 'n breezy

I took my photos before I left for work this morning.  I had a real early start to my day.  I was up and exercising before 5am ... was ready by 6 and even made G-man and myself scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast - that does not happen on a work morning.

It was breezy out this morning at 6:20am

Skirt : Fashion Express
Top : Truworths
Sandals : Truworths
Beads : Edgars
Earrings : (I think Mz T gave them to me)
Bangles : Edgars

Exams start on Thursday for Miss Bean and the boys start writing next week ... we're hurtling towards the end of the school year way too quickly and before I know it, my kiddies will be jetting off to Houston again.  At least they'll get to see their Dad and sister and they'll be there to celebrate her 21st with her.

Well, my day is done.  Tomorrow promises to be a little crazy at this point, so I'd best get my beauty sleep.

Keep it 'Simply Sassy'.


  1. It looks like you got lots of beauty sleep, b/c you look very lovely in your colorful outfit!

  2. Nice outfit. Love how you tied the necklace. You walk through life with panache!

  3. You look lovely...you make styling look so very easy.


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