Monday, November 21, 2011

In the jungle

the mighty jungle, the lioness wears red some days.

I don't believe I've ever worn this skirt with a vibrant colour.  I think I've almost always teamed it with brown, black or beige/cream.
This morning I wanted to wear my high pointed court red shoes, but the heel was off, so I dug these out.  I think they're more wintery with the suede look, but they did okay overall.
 This skirt is such a twirl and whirl skirt.  Think I need a smooth floor to try it out on again, just to be sure.
Skirt : Woolworths (2008)
Shirt : Kelso Career @ Edgars
Shoes : Edgars
Bangles : Edgars
Ring : Truworths
Earrings : American Swiss
This weeks colour : Pouf Daddy by Essie.  It is so vibrant and sassy.  I briefly contemplated one of the pastel spring shades when I was in the store last week, but this shade was screaming out my name.

I looked at my diary today and it truly dawned on me how close we are to what I consider the end of the year.  I need to get my hiney well and truly in gear and get the Americana's shopping done.  Got to sort out the kids travel clothes as well.  Can't believe it's almost time for them to head off again.  An entire month without them ... bliss for a while, then the heartache and missing starts :-(.

Well, time to head on out and get my beauty sleep.

'Til next time ... Keep it Simply Sassy

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  1. Leopard and red are great together! Leopard is definitely a neutral, so it goes with everything in our opinion :)

    Heather & Kayla

  2. You go, girl! What a beautiful shade of red. Vibrant and playful.

  3. You're smokin' hot in your red and animal print! I loved your about me page!

  4. I LOVE this combination of red and animal print - and the shoes are smashing good! Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday, Wendy.

  5. Roar!!!! You look wild and sassy in that red.

  6. That maxi skirt is beautiful!! It's such a bold (and sassy!) look when paired with the red and I love it!

  7. Oh you need to wear more red - you look stunning in it

  8. Thanks all y'all for the sweet comments :-)


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