Monday, October 31, 2011

Blue Monday ... not

Monday Monday ... so good to me ... Monday Monday it was all I hoped it would be ...

 Fashion is like the id.  It makes you desire things you shouldn't.  ~Bob Morris

Dress : Jet
Jacket : Fashion Express
Belt : Edgars
Necklace : Contempo
Shoes : Jet
Bracelet : Charlotte

I had a good day.  A fairly busy day ... even a little interesting.  There's lots going on in our Project. 

Today I had every intention of wearing my new 'lust' shoes that I got on Friday, but since our clients were coming in for a meeting, I thought I'd put wearing them off for a few days.  So, the outfit started with this jacket and grew around it.  I was going to wear a tan skirt, but it was a wee bit too tight, then I thought of my black skirt and white jacket - but the jacket is still not ironed.  So, when I went back into my wardrobe, I saw this shift dress and decided to give it an airing as I have not worn it in ages as I've been wanting to take it in so that the tailor can make it a little slimmer fitting - but I have not gotten around to doing that ... and that's how I arrived at this look.

This weekend was spent doing some more decluttering and tidying in my room.  I also got G-man to finally hang the mirror in the lounge and move the other big mirror upstairs.  I moved things around in my room and sorted out my shoes.  I'm feeling so much better.  I'm also working on minimising the paper clutter ... I've started with the magazines ... and did a little work on my accounts.  I've tried wherever possible to get my statements via email.  Some places are very efficient and others are sadly lacking. 

Thanks to Linda-Maree for the link to Contempos competition ... I entered :-)

Well, that's all for today folks .. thanks for passing by.

Til next time ... Keep it Simple, Keep it Sassy.


  1. Love this jacket and your belt! I have never heard of Edgar's, is it a local shop? Heather

  2. I like these pictures. Not just for the clothes but because you look so... much like you. You're such a wonderful person!

  3. Hi Wendy - I am glad that you entered the Contempo competition - Sadly, I don't think you are going to win though, that prize has my name on it - However, if I don't win - I hope that you do...Lots of love


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