Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wicked Wednesday

Not that it was a wicked day, but I'm feeling title challenged.

I took my photos really late as I got home a little late as I stopped to buy a collegue a birthday gift.

 Details:  Skirt : Truworths | T-shirt : Mr. Price | Jacket : Pick 'n Pay | Booties : Woolworths |
Necklace : Miladys
 While taking my photos, the kids were boogying to "Blister in the sun" and attempting to get me to dance along.  So, I got them to come on my side of the lens and carry on ... young master L was doing a hillbilly impersonation ... silly bug.  Silly bunch.

In other news, Miss Beans visa application to the USA is approved :-(.  Not sure when she'll move, but once the papers are received by her dad on Friday, we'll make some decisions.  Ideally, she wants to finish the school year.

... and as they used to say in the movies after the cartoons ... That's all Folks!!

Til we meet again ... be fabulous, be sassy, be strong.


  1. Fab look!

    And i LOVE the t. think i'm going to have to pay Mr P a visit.

    happy wed x

  2. Chic top and necklace. And your kids are cute.

  3. This is a chic outfit that I would like to wear tomorrow, you look great. So do the little ones - so happy!

  4. I love that top....will have to visit Mr P too. I love the photo of you with your happy children;-)

  5. What a crazy and cute bunch! And you look pretty fab! (and pretty tired may I say...). Sorry I've been missing some posts - but it's August. In Greece. Hot... You know! Many kisses dear Wendy!

  6. Oh I love that top. And the last picture is stunning.

  7. Hello Wendy - I have been visiting - just not leaving comments - can't leave comments from work and it honestly is too cold at night to sit in the study for comments - Roll on Summer....I absolutely love and adore that jacket - is it from this season - wander if it is still available?? - Lovely to see the your bundles of energy as well...Lots of love


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