Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty in purple ... or is it lilac

Hiya friends, family and visitors, it's so fabulous to have you drop by my little spot on the www.

It's been cold, really cold here.  This morning I woke up with all kinds of aches and pains that don't seem to have left me yet.  I saw pictures from Secunda and sent up a whisper of thanks that I don't live there - it's even colder.

This afternoon when I got home, it was just warm enough to dash outside without a coat or jacket on and take a few photies.

I have not been planning my outfits in advance of late, so my outfits have all been grab 'n goes.

Despite not planning my outfits, I must admit that I enjoy outfits that have surprise fun elements, additions that are not necessarily immediately visible.  I like to see it on other people as well, where for example you see their outfit, then when the sit down, or stretch their leg suddenly, there's something unexpected to see, like unusual pantihose patterns, or funky shoes, or a sassy belt, or a kewl and funky design element on their trousers, skirt or shirt.  If it's a man, it could be an unexpected tie or kewl cufflinks (when last did you see a man wearing cufflinks?)

Before you view the photos - any guess what my unexpected surprise item is?

Here's the photos

 Details : Shirt : Studio W - Woolworths | Skirt : Exact | Boots : Kelso - Edgars | Necklace : Exact
 ... my surprise item ... my funky lil boots.  I bought them on a whim one day about 4 years ago while shopping the Edgars Sale with Mis T.  I don't wear them often and I do believe they did not make it onto my feet last winter, but today, I needed something 'unexpected'.  I do adore these boots.
The applicae and stones don't show up too well on the photos

I tried a different side of the garden, inspired (although not successful) by Chic on the Cheap's photos - I love how she gets the sunlight streaming into her afternoon photos ... a little more practise and I'll eventually get it right. 

This skirt previously worn :

Here's a little quote for all the fashionistas that pass by ... this made me giggle

What a man most enjoys about a woman's clothes
are his fantasies
of how she would look without them. 
~Brendan Francis

'Til the next time, be fabulous.


  1. That skirt is faboo and those boots! Yummy!

  2. Love all3 these - and those boots!

  3. Love the outfit! A long skirt with great pair of shoes is so timeless!


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