Sunday, May 1, 2011

Casual Sunday

This morning, the first thing I did was download my photos from our outing yesterday.  I was too pooped last night to even consider coming upstairs to do so.  The sun of course is setting much earlier, and it's having a horrid effect on me.  My clock is outta sorts.  I also uploaded photos to facebook so that their Dad and sister overseas could see.

I also spent some time working on the layout I've been busy with since Friday - it's almost done, just putting on the finishing touches.
The morning ran away and while G-man and Richie were out riding their bikes, the kids and I popped down to the Flea Market for Missy to get base and then to Woolies for some food.

My outfit is simple ... Jeans and t-shirt - Woolies | Boots and cardigan - Truworths

No jewellery, no fiddling. 

Hope your weekend has been wonderful.

22:28 - Update - Double page layout completed - photos to follow soon.


  1. So pretty! Now I want a gorgeous ruffled grey cardigan of my own! And girl, LOOK at your itty bitty little waist! Hello?!

  2. Very cute. Very stylish. Very you. :)

  3. You look gorgeous...I love that plum colour on you.

  4. I love your cardigan and the plum against it. You look great!

  5. You look very pretty today!!! :)

  6. Love this look. In fact you inspired me to get out the skinny jeans i've been hoarding that I bought.

    Going to wear them today!

    Love the colour on you and the mix of the grey with it. would never have mixed the two but they work so well together.


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