Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basic black shift dress - March 30

She's smiling for her daddy

Me and the black beauty Jody

 My shift dress is from Jet, my jacket from Fashion Express, Shoes from Merien Hall at Edgars, belt Edgars, Necklace - remind me please, earrings from Miladys and Bracelet from my daughter I think Charlotte Russe.

Our blue eyed beauty Chino
Finally there was sunshine today, which causes a tailspin in me because when it's been overcast and gray for a few days, bright sunshine can cause major migraines for me, but it was so great to see blue skies for a change.

I had a fairly emotional day today.  My sister is quite distraught by her sons departure to New Zealand tomorrow evening and two of my collegues confided so emotional issues in their private lives and I find it overwhelmingly sad.  I feel priviledged though that they share these things with me.

Now I need to high tail out of here and start packing for the weekend as our bag is going down in the bus so we don't need to put the panniers on the bike.


  1. Pretty outfit. Your life sounds very full right now. It doesn't surprise me that people trust you. You're trustworthy.

  2. Aw, what sweet dogs (and lovely kitty!).

    You look great in your blue!

  3. Nice outfit! cute dogs:-) Very nice blog..I am following

  4. Lovely outfit. Love the photos of your furry friends.


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