Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The wild side ... March 29

A bit 'matchy-matchy' today

Bit of a 'spanish dancer' look here

Swirling like a girl ... its such fun

I don't think I've worn this lace cross-over top since I started posting my outfits.

My outfit items from
T-shirt (not too visible under the lace top) - Edgars
Lace top - Fashion Express
Skirt - Woolworths
Shoes - Truworths
Necklace - Miladys
Bangles - Mr. Price
Belt - Styled with you in mind, Mulbarton


  1. Oh, how lovely! A graceful outfit that twirls. Very sophisticated.

  2. You look so lovely and graceful in this outfit...this colour certainly works very well for you.


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