Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spoiling me ...

it's my birthday week ... yes sire, on Saturday I'll turn 44.  It's come far too quickly, but here it is, despite my efforts of pleading and begging, the days ticked by and the calendar pages flipped like leaves in the wind and I shall turn another year wiser. 

Since my separation in 2005, I've made good on a promise to me, that I would buy myself gifts for my birthday irrespective of whether there is a man in my life to spoil me or not.  I have since then bought myself things I want.  Last year, I bought my gorgeous lamp I'd wanted for months and months, the year before ... well I don't quite remember what it was, but I know that each year I've made sure to spoil me.  So today, I visited Loot and ordered myself 3 books by Anna Quindlen as part of this years gift.  I'm not sure what else I am going to spoil myself with as yet, possibly more shoes, some costume jewellery ... hmmmm ... endless options on the table but I'm undecided what its going to be.  Last year was easier as I knew exactly what I wanted.

So I'm curious about whether other women out there spoil themselves, or simply leave it up to the men/children/sisters/friends in their lives?  I used to, but often felt I didn't get exactly what I wanted, or it would be a case as in last year, where I really wanted the lamp, but others felt it was 'not a birthday gift', so I got it for myself.  So tell me, do you or don't you gift yourself on your birthday?


  1. No, haven't done it yet! But I think it is a wonderful idea to spoil yourself!
    WE should all do it!
    Happy BDay!~ Great age to be at! ;-)

  2. Hi
    I'm your new follower. Let me wish you a Happy Birthday. 44 isn't so bad. They just get better :) I've always bought myself exactly what I want on my birthday. Who knows better than you what you want for your B/D. This year is was a water ionizer. Not the most romantic gift in the world but makes our chemically, drugged water a little easier to drink.
    Have fun
    wanna buy a duck

  3. I definitely spoil myself, my husband, though kind and well meaning, never thinks about romantic gestures or presents althoughe he's good at following a list. Happy belated birthday!


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